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6 Amazing Ways To Use Gift Boxes This Season

A gift box is no longer just a vessel for a present. Through trial and error, mixing and matching different ribbons and embellishments, and experimenting with different designs, gift boxes have grown to be versatile in their use. With so many bits and bobs available these days, a gift box offers more than just packaging for a gift – think table décor, Christmas decorations, storage containers and more.

It’s the festive season and with that comes even more ways to use your gift boxes. If you’re stuck on how best to use your gift boxes this year, clamp down on some of the creative ideas below – all of which are easy to execute, will add an extra sparkle to your festive season, and will have your guests turning heads.




Let’s start with the obvious. A gift box is the perfect container for a gift – be it for a loved one, a charity or even a colleague. Not only do they look the part, but gift boxes are functional, easy to put together and save you a ton of time when preparing your gifts. Pop a funky ribbon on it, and you’re good to go!




Smaller gift boxes are great to turn into Christmas decorations for the tree and serve as a fun holiday activity for kids. Decorate the small gift box with your favourite Christmas ribbon, attach a string to the ribbon and hang the boxes from various branches on the tree. For those who have a sweet tooth, a nice idea is to fill the little gift box decorations with little chocolates, which each family member can enjoy on Christmas day.

Hint: If your Christmas tree needs a bit of height, a large gift box serves as an attractive base and gives a more grand appearance to your Christmas tree.




Preparing the table for guests is especially exciting during the festive season. Getting creative with a gift box or two, paired with some glitzy Christmas ribbon, can really transform your table into a showstopper. Whether the gift boxes are the main centrepiece, or whether you’re using them to display items such as candles or flowers, there are so many ways you can let loose on your creativity this festive season. Gather some inspiration from these great table décor ideas.




This time of year, calls for homes to be covered in all things ‘Christmassy’. You can make each room in the house feel festive and inviting, with just a few simple ideas. If you’re looking for some festive home decor ideas to put into motion this Christmas, look no further than some festive gift boxes!

  • A night light:

    By creating a few decorative holes in the gift box and placing a battery operated light inside (or an electrical one if placed close to a plug point), you have yourself a gorgeous night light that turns up the heat on the ambience in the room.

  • Wall décor:

    Design a seasonal 3D effect on your wall using gift boxes of different shapes and sizes. Depending on how sturdy your boxes are and how tightly fastened they are to the wall, you could even use the boxes to display light items like tea-light candles or Christmas baubles. These DIY holiday decorations will get your creative juices flowing.

  • Grand entrance:

    Dressing gift boxes in festive ribbons and stacking them at the entrance to your home is a really easy way to make a statement. Have a look how impactful these grand entrance ideas are.





Christmas time is notorious for fruit cake, mince pies and other delicious baked goodies. Whether you’re hosting Christmas in your own home or going to family and friends, gift boxes are perfect for storing and transporting your festive treats.




Gift boxes, new and used, are great storage containers and they’re easy on the pocket too! With so many different gift box designs, you can tailor your storage to match the specific décor in each room. You could even transform a relatively plain gift box into a statement box with different gift wrap and embellishments. Here are some ideas on how and where gift boxes serve as great storage.

Now that you’ve got a good idea of how you can put your festive gift boxes to good use, you’ll need to source them. Wrap it is your one-stop-shop for all things gift wrapping related. With a wide selection of gift boxes and gift wrap for all occasions, along with all the ribbons and embellishments to dress it up in your own way, you’ll have loads of fun this festive season. Visit the Wrap it showroom and get yourself fully prepared for Christmas!


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