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7 Ways to Add Colour and Creativity to your Upcoming Spring Events

Spring is one of our favourite times of year. With so many new beginnings taking place during this season, and everything ‘coming back to life’, it’s no wonder it gets us so excited. Being in the gift wrap and décor industry, I have noticed how this time of year draws huge crowds… whether it’s a spring wedding, a birthday party or even a casual dinner to kick off the spring season, I always have an influx of people in my showroom and I absolutely love it! A question that has popped up from customers several times in the past is “I’m hosting an event and have no idea where to start with the décor”.

This is my favourite question to answer because there are an abundance of ways to get creative with simple materials such as custom made boxes, tissue paper and ribbon. The best part for me is, as soon as I start dishing out ideas, their faces light up with absolute excitement – a feeling I’ll never get tired of. This blog is inspired by exactly that, getting creative with simple materials that will turn the heat up on your event.


Gone are the days where boxes are brown cardboard containers used for shipping items from one place to the next – if anything, that’s the last thing that comes to mind when I hear the word boxes, but I can put that down to the industry I’m in. The once purely practical container is now being used for gifts, floral arrangements and even décor, which is totally up my alley. (If you do happen to have cardboard boxes lying around, we found some awesome ways to make use of them.)


  • Centre pieces


Decorative boxes make a huge statement when placed in the centre of a table, whether you’re looking to create wooden box centrepieces or cardboard box centrepieces, you can take your event to the next level with these gems. Add a few touches like some ribbon, material and perhaps even fill them with a bouquet of flowers and you’ve got yourself a winning centre piece – your guests will never guess that it took you just a few minutes to make.


  • Party favours


In my personal opinion, I feel a gift is only as good as the packaging it comes in, and this applies to party favours too. I’m under the impression that as long as the presentation is gorgeous, people will love whatever you’ve given them. Apart from the obvious benefits, the beauty of crafting beautiful boxes for your party favours is that – without intending to – you’re adding an extra element to your table décor – check out these party favours that double up as décor.


Tissue paper is so incredibly versatile, more often than not, people can’t imagine that décor pieces are made just by manipulating tissue paper in various colours.


  • Flowers


These are probably the most popular uses for tissue paper as décor, but there are so many different and unique ways to display them. For instance, sticking these tissue paper flowers on a wall creates a beautiful 3D backdrop, which is a clever way to use these gorgeous creations without making them look kitsch. Then, of course, there are the well-known stemmed tissue paper flowers (which would make a great statement in a custom made box as mentioned above). These four different styles of flowers will help you to realise how creative you can get with tissue paper.


  • Garlands


Garlands have always reminded me of old fashioned décor from the 18th century, but the weird and wonderful ideas that are emerging these days has me thinking completely differently. Done properly, garlands add great depth to your décor, and with so many different styles out there, you can really match it to the theme of your event, regardless of how simplistic or bold you’re wanting to go. Try your hand at a tissue paper tassel garland or perhaps an elegant floral garland – if you match the right colours together, you’ll be surprised at just how beautiful this décor style is.


Ribbons are possibly the most versatile – pretty much anything you lay your eyes on can be dressed with a ribbon to transform its look. There are too many ideas to mention, so I’ve listed three, but if you’re looking for more weird and wonderful ways to use ribbon for your next event, these are sure to spark some creativity.


  • Chandeliers


Ribbon chandeliers have become a huge craze in the décor world. Firstly they are so quick and easy to make, and secondly they give off a huge statement. Dress your event up or tone it down with a chandelier style of your choice – from simple and funky to more complex and sophisticated styles, you’ll definitely find one that matches your event. Have a look at these chandelier ideas for some inspiration.


  • Table décor  


Whether it’s the actual table you’re accentuating or the décor on the table, ribbon is a great way to turn your table from drab into FAB – this doesn’t only apply to party décor but ribbon décor of any kind in your home. As mentioned above, adding some ribbon to your custom made boxes does a lot for the table centrepiece, and if you’re not keen on tissue paper for your garland, ribbon works just as well. Another great way to add simple, yet punchy detail to your table is wrapping ribbon around serviettes, cutlery or glasses.


  • Backdrops


There is nothing more beautiful than a backdrop made of ribbons. Not only is it highly effective but it creates such an elegant ambience to any event, and it’s relatively affordable! As a side line to wall backdrops, chair décor using ribbons and fabrics are hugely popular for the same reason – this is granted that the style of chair allows for the tying of ribbons!

I hope the above ideas have given you some inspiration for your next event and shown you how much can be done with simple items like custom made boxes, tissue paper and ribbons. Wrap it is home to a fully stocked showroom of all things gift wrapping and décor related. If you’re looking to get creative with your décor, step into our showroom and we’ll set you up with all you need to throw a smashing event.


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