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All Your Gift Packaging Needs Under One Roof

There’s no denying, everyone loves being showered with gifts, and if you’re anything like me, you like giving gifts even more! Have you ever heard the saying “it’s the thought that counts” thrown around whenever gifts are exchanged from one to another? Chances are, you’ve heard it quite often and it’s a saying that is generally mentioned without much thought. Generally, people tend to put plenty of thought and effort into finding the right gift for someone. Whether it’s a birthday present, a wedding gift, a gift of appreciation or a gift for ‘just because’, I think long and hard about how it will make the recipient feel and where in my heart it’s coming from.

Personally, I feel there are two parts to a gift… what’s on the inside, and what’s on the outside. For women especially, the way a gift is presented is almost more important than the gift itself. (I’m sure we all know that someone who hands over the gift in a shopping bag from the local supermarket – and chances are the gift wasn’t even purchased there – double cringe!) Anyway, back to the point. A gift is a symbol of love, a token of appreciation, a sense of gratification and the strengthening of a bond – it may be some of these elements, or all of them, either way, a gift makes the recipient (and the giver!) feel incredibly special.

Gift wrapping has been around since paper was invented, and in fact paper was first used for wrapping up objects before it became a canvas for writing, so it’s only inevitable that the gift wrapping concept arose, and now it’s become an essential routine amongst most, to turn an ordinary gift into an extraordinary one. Who knew that the process of folding and sticking decorated paper around an object would blow up into what it is today – an art form which incorporates thousands of different gift wrapping materials that embellish the contents within.

But why is it that we’re so captivated by gift wrapping and why does it seal the deal when it comes to giving someone a present? As much as it provides a decorative covering to a gift, it also aids in creating a ‘grand reveal’ when opened by the receiver, making them feel just that extra bit special and making the unwrapping experience that much more exciting. Just like the icing on a cake or the garnish on a divine dish, gift packaging is the key to transforming an already special gift, into something that is gorgeous, both inside and out.

The passion for transforming gifts into bundles of charm and beauty, is why Wrap it exists today. We feel that every gift deserves to be encased in unique, striking gift packaging that exudes creativity and thought by the gift giver – the gift wrapping is simply what makes a gift stand out. We offer an enormous range of gift packaging and all the bells and whistles that go into creating a perfectly wrapped gift. Whether it is wrapping paper, carrier bags or gift boxes you’re after; or perhaps ribbons, bows and greeting cards to put the cherry on top of your great gift, we have it all and we’d love you to get lost in our extensive array of gift packaging and accessories, fit for any size, shape or style of gift.

So, if I go back to my first point, where I stated that “it’s the thought that counts”, gift packaging is not only necessary in this day and age, but a well wrapped gift really does display that it is indeed the thought that counts. Just the thought of giving someone a gift is special in its own right, but selecting gorgeous packaging to present your gift in, is what takes your thoughtful gift to the next level. So if you’re heading to a birthday party, a wedding or even a cosy dinner party soon and you’re pondering a gift, don’t forget that presentation is key and some stylish gift packaging to finish off your gift definitely won’t go unnoticed.

Step into our impressive Wrap it showroom and feast your eyes on endless possibilities for creative gift packaging. You’ll get so excited by what we have to offer, you’ll find any excuse to give a gift – thank goodness there’s no time like the present to make someone feel special. Come with your own great ideas or bounce ideas off one of our talented experts and we will set you up with everything you need to perfect the presentation of your next gift. For your one stop gift wrap store, visit Wrap it today.



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