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All your Party Gift Packaging Made Easy.

When it comes to parties, I’m the first to stick my hand up and offer assistance. I love getting creative with décor and party ideas, and with all the materials at hand in our showroom, it’s so easy! Friends and family often ask for advice regarding party ideas, whether it’s a party box, party decorations or party favours, they come knocking on my door for inspiration using gift packaging. I thought I would put pen to paper, so to speak, and share some ideas which may offer some inspiration when planning your next party.



A ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ themed party is a great party idea for both boys and girls and seems to be a real crowd pleaser with the kids. What’s even better is that by using a range of gift packaging and accessories, you can create the most incredible décor for your party, and below are a few examples of great DIY party decorations.

  • Create a jungle wall back drop of palm trees and wild animals using sheets of coloured paper, and add a 3D effect using green tissue paper for the palm tree leaves and yellow balloons as the fruit (you can use brown balloons for coconuts if you prefer). Coloured tissue paper is also nice for creating flowers at the bottom of the backdrop.
  • Crafting a leafy name garland using green coloured paper, rustic string and tissue paper to create palm-like leaves, adds a great personal touch to the party.
  • A kid’s party isn’t complete without a party pack. Put together a jungle themed party box for each guest at the party using brown carrier bags, decorated with animal prints. Use green raffia as a filler and then put a few treats on top of it, so the kids can take something home to enjoy.
  • Bake your own tiered cupcake tower, or if you prefer, order the cupcakes and place fondant animal faces (or an equivalent like edible prints) on top of the cupcakes. Decorate the cake boards with coloured tissue paper to make small palm trees and grass, and voilà, you’ve got yourself an epic birthday cake that the kids will love.

This is just an example of a DIY party theme that can easily be done with basic materials – all of which are available from the Wrap it showroom. There are endless party ideas, so check out these themed party ideas and get some inspiration for your little one’s next birthday.



Turning 21 is traditionally a big accomplishment and the massive step into adulthood. I’ve heard of many a theme for a 21st, ranging from extravagant to more casual, but when I heard this idea, it really stuck with me because of its combination of simplicity and elegance. The birthday girl requested an intimate party in her parents’ back garden with a theme of ‘Black and White, with a Touch of Pink’. Using gift packaging and other accessories from the Wrap it showroom, they got cracking on the décor:

  • Firstly, balloons are a must for an occasion like this. They chose black and white polka dot balloons, filled them with helium and created bouquets of balloons which stood on the main table. In addition they created flowers with fuchsia pink balloons and a polka dot centre.
  • To complete the centre pieces, they displayed fuchsia pink fresh roses and gerberas in black and white striped carrier bags and placed them in between the balloon bouquets.
  • The parents did something a bit different for the birthday girl’s cake. They ordered a delicious chocolate cake and hid it under a large, round, black-and-white striped box that they then tied with bright pink organza ribbon. On top of the box they placed a vase filled with the leftover roses and gerberas and this served as the centrepiece for the gift table. (I can only imagine how the birthday girl must have enjoyed the cake reveal – what a unique idea.)
  • They crafted their own pink hanging garlands from coloured tissue paper, which were hung from the huge tree in their back garden – I can just picture how stunning this must have looked.
  • For the chair ties, they used a combination of black organza ribbon and raffia, which gave an elegant, yet rustic touch to the party table.
  • The party favours involved getting tiny pink and white gift boxes, filling them with a couple of Ferrero Rochers and tying black raffia ribbon around them with a little note to say “thanks for coming”.

It goes to show, that sometimes less is more, and with a little inspiration, you can pull off a smashing 21st birthday party. It’s amazing what one can put together when you gather the troops and get creative on some DIY birthday décor.



For most of us, dinner parties are a casual gathering at a friend’s house, sat around a table with food and wine. For a friend of mine, it’s another story. Not only does she make the most divine food, but she goes all out on the décor for the evening – purely because she’s passionate about it. For her most recent dinner party, she asked me to get on board and help her pull the décor together, which I was more than willing to do. We went with a rustic theme and it actually turned out really well, so I thought I’d share it with you.

  • For the centrepieces, we filled hessian bags with sand and stuck silver spray-painted sticks of all shapes and sizes into the sand. The ambient lighting really caught those silver sticks and it looked stunning.
  • As an additional rustic centrepiece, we purchased some candles in jars and wrapped rope all around the outside to add another touch of rustic.
  • As party favours, she got her hands on some dainty baskets from our showroom, lined them with straw filler, and displayed a little bottle of sparkling wine amongst the straw filler. Each basket was placed at a place setting, and was thoroughly appreciated by all the guests.

It’s the little things that count, but using creativity, great gift packaging and some help from a friend, she was able to pull off a brilliant dinner party. Next time you’re throwing a dinner party, try adding a little something different to the evening with some home-made party decorations.

The above is designed to show you that almost any décor is possible with some of the simplest materials. I have a world full of ideas stored away, so if you’d like more advice and inspiration, pop into the Wrap it showroom and wrack our brains for some unique décor ideas for your next party.




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