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Mar 7, 2019
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Jun 13, 2019
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Custom made Boxes for Every Use

Are you are looking for gift packaging suppliers? At Wrap it we stock a wide range of gift-wrapping products including gift boxes. Gift boxes are an elegant way to pack any item and a beautiful way to give gift to others. They show consideration and style. They are also useful as packaging and decoration during events. Come to Wrap it and browse our amazing range. Our custom made boxes can be made up in all shapes, sizes, materials and colours. We also stock a wide collection of ribbon, embellishments and gift cards to help you complete the look.

If you can’t find a box that you like, or if you have a special corporate event, and you want custom-made boxes we will come up with a number of ideas and you can make your choice and brand the boxes too. Our gift box solutions are nothing short of the highest quality and durability. Do you prefer the lid? Or do you like the hinged style? Our customer support team will guide you through your initial idea till the box comes out perfect!

Our customised gift boxes offer endless varieties of production options. The size will be perfectly made to your specifications.

No Order is too Big for Wrap It!

No order is too big for Wrap it! We have a broad selection of box ideas that we can make for a variety of purposes. You can even order different sizes and different styles depending on what you want to do with them.

Our customer service team will discuss the various options available and all your boxes will be manufactured according to your specs.

So, what are you looking for? A decorative box with a lid? A box for packaging special items? Your corporate colours? Solid colours with your logo printed on the box? Whatever the ideas that you have, our team will assist you in the design.


Gift Boxes for Corporate Events

Being in the corporate industry you probably hold a number of events throughout the year and constantly need various gift packaging solutions. At Wrap it we can assist you with all your gift packaging needs according to the event theme, corporate colours and size of the event. We also make up custom gift boxes that can be used as gift favours, packaging of various items for the event, decor and many more possibilities.


Custom Boxes for Weddings

Weddings are busy events for everyone involved and you want to thank everyone properly. Beautifully presented wedding favours bring elegance and style to any celebration. Are you looking for gifts to say thanks to the bridal party? Or do you need to give a warm welcome to your out-of-town wedding guests? Or do you plan to give a sentimental memento for family or your fiancé/fiancée? We can take inspiration from your wedding details. Imagine this: luxury boxes in suede to match the wedding colours to turn simple gifts into fabulous treats! You can even personalise with custom printed ribbon and tags to deliver your message of thanks and appreciation to your guests.

As your packaging suppliers we can work together to design and create custom made gift boxes that represent you and your special event.

Custom Made Boxes for Baby Showers, Birthdays and Other Personal Events

Whether it is a baby shower, a birthday, or any other personal event, you want to make everyone’s day special with a considerate gift. Why not plan to give gift favours for your event? You can order custom made gift boxes according to the party theme or party colours. Pay our showroom a visit and discuss your gift so that we can decide together on the best gift box made especially for your event!

Special Product Packaging

It’s not always easy to find the right box for uniquely shaped products and gifts. Do you need perfectly sized custom printed gift boxes for a special product packaging? Come and discuss your needs. Wrap it will provide you with box solutions that are most suited to products such as flower boxes, macaron boxes, special gifts, etc. You can order beautiful custom made personalised gift boxes in any shape or size to suit the special product! Our highly experienced design team will guide you right from your initial ideas to final production with ease and comfort.

There are endless production options for custom made boxes. The size will be perfectly made to your specifications, ensuring that the products or gifts will fit perfectly in the box.



Boxes Can Be Made Up in a Variety of Papers

Do not limit yourself. Custom made boxes can be made up in a variety of papers. We have a wide range of beautiful wrapping paper, wibalin, suede, handmade paper, and wallpaper. If you are a business or want to re decorate your home and you are planning to design a space, you can use wallpaper boxes to match your boxes to the walls.

We have been working with both large and small businesses so we understand the importance of representing your brand. Our design team can take you through our multi-purpose design process, from the vision board to the full assembly of the boxes. Once we agree on the design, sizes, colours, shapes and the paper, we go to work fast to ensure that we deliver your custom boxes in time.

We Make Gift Boxes to Spec

You have an event and you want it to be unique? Why not order custom made gift boxes? Visit us at Wrap It. Let our customer service team help you design unique gift boxes for a special gift or for decoration. They will help you to choose the materials, the colours, and the shapes. You can let them know if there are other specifications such as quantity, personalisation or adding corporate colours and logos.

Pay Wrap It a Visit!

Visit the Wrap It showroom today to see our gift-wrapping ideas. As leading gift packaging suppliers in Johannesburg we can assist you with all your gift packaging needs for any occasion. And if you can’t find the box that you like, customise it! We make custom made boxes for any event and any product according to your design and specifications. Order you custom made boxes today!


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