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Fresh Spring Gift Wrapping Trends You’ll Want to Use EVERYWHERE!

The latest Spring gift wrapping designs and colours are so gorgeous you will feel like a kid in a candy store. This Spring brings colours, textures, moods and looks in gift wrapping and wrapping paper designs that will make you want to give gifts, just so that you can wrap them! They are so stylish and uplifting that you will not want to confine these designs to gifts alone – there are so many ways to use wrapping designs to craft beautiful and economical Spring updates to your home and office. Grab a cup of your favourite beverage and peruse designs that transform the dull to the delightful.


Bloomin’ Gorgeous


Let’s start with the obvious – the Spring design ranges feature exquisite florals – duh! Floral designs always create a feeling of joy and pleasure. Blooms signify beauty, hope and new beginnings. Whether the mood is proud pops of bold colour or dainty and delicate in pastel hues, floral is ALWAYS in for Spring.


Earthy and Eco


The natural look is grounding and earthy, perfect for a Spring update. Go eco-friendly and natural in your gift wrapping by using brown paper, hessian, and natural twines and colours in soft oatmeal, warm browns and leafy greens.


Wild Prints


Animal prints are striking and bold and make a gorgeous statement. These are right on trend for Spring, especially when combined with a softer, floral design to create a ‘Wild’ contrast.


Pastel Contrasts


You could be forgiven for thinking blocks of pastel colours could be a bit ‘boring’ when compared to colourful prints. Not when you use blocks of calming, soft pastels that are beautiful and feminine, with a twist! Give pastels a stylish oomph by packing gifts in pastels, then using textured, contrasting colours of ribbon and trimming – absolutely stunning.


Graphic and Bold


Need something a bit more formal, or masculine, but still right on trend? Go with the classics – they are classic for a reason! Dots, stripes and graphic geometrics create a timelessly elegant effect. Use colour and texture (gloss / matte) and darker hues for a more masculine look.


Wrap It Range


Now that your creative juices are flowing and you are itching to get your hands on your favourite Spring wrapping paper designs, you’ll need to visit the Wrap It Showroom in Dunkeld, Johannesburg, or hop onto the site to view the massive range. You can find loads of gift wrapping designs in the Spring trends in your choice of 10, 20, 50 and 100m rolls. In addition to the latest Spring trends, there is an eye-popping and awe-inspiring range that includes every hue you could imagine, gorgeous textures, sheeny metallics, the latest designs and craft supplies that help you bring your creative ideas into reality.


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Crafty and Creative Ideas for your Gift Wrapping


There are so many fabulous ways to use high-quality wrapping paper – why confine these stunning designs to gifts alone?


There is nothing nicer than giving and receiving a hand-written card, whether it is for a special occasion or just a thoughtful ‘thank-you’ for someone who has done something nice for you. Use your favourite designs to create a stack of cards, you can spray glue the wrapping design to some thin card and cut to size, fold neatly and you’re done. If you already have a bunch in your drawer, you are more likely to be that wonderful, organised person has a card handy for every occasion.

Wrapping Notebooks and Books 

Wrap your ordinary daily notebook in your favourite wrapping paper design to make it unique and bring a smile to your dial every time you use it. You can also wrap favourite books – old books or easily damaged paperbacks need a little extra protection, plus it looks pretty on the shelf!


Whilst on the subject of books, make customised and pretty bookmarks by sticking your favourite designs onto cardboard from cereal boxes, cutting into bookmark shapes, punch a hole in the top and adorn with a matching or contrasting ribbon. This is also a fun and easy gift idea for children to make customised and meaningful gifts for teachers or family


Line your cupboards and drawers 

whether you need to make use of leftover gift wrap or you choose and use a specific design for your cupboards and drawers, lining with gift wrap means you can update your shelf and cupboard look as often as you want. Choose quirky and eclectic with different designs or create a stunning, cohesive look in every room.



As the organisational queen of the moment, Marie Kondo suggests we organise our lives by choosing to keep only items that ‘spark joy’ in us. And keep them in boxes! Cover boxes of all shapes and sizes, from small ones in your organised drawers, to large ones in the garage in wrapping paper to add that extra touch of joy to your home.


You can take it to the next level at Wrap It, by getting your boxes (in all shapes and colours, with or without lids) covered in design that matches your wallpaper. It really looks incredible!


Frame it 

Yes, that’s right! Put a selection of gorgeous wrapping paper designs in frames and hang artfully together. It creates a truly stunning graphic ‘signature’ wall. That you can update as often as you like. You don’t need to go to a gallery and spend a fortune on art – YOU are the creator with this one.


Party decoration 

Having a birthday party? Make stunning party banners / bunting by cutting contrasting colours or designs from your leftover wrapping paper in triangles and stringing onto binding or twine for customised party banners. You can also keep the theme going by cutting strips of the gift wrapping and folding into napkin rings for the party cutlery. It’s all in the detail!


Use gift wrapping and wrapping paper to bring creativity and joy to your life this Spring. Giving gifts that are thoughtfully and beautifully wrapped makes the receiver feel special. Using your gift wrapping in other areas of your home and life brings a touch of individuality and creativity to your life that will make you smile, every day!


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