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Gift Bags are the Creative and Convenient Way to Package Gifts

gift bags

Gift bags are so much fun! Putting a gift in a gorgeous bag instantly makes it look special and exciting. Not to mention the convenience – no scissors, tape and having to create those perfect corners. Just pop the gift in, maybe add some pretty tissue paper and your gift looks amazingly professional.

There is no limit to creativity, you can create any look you want, whether it be bright and fun, or more stylish and elegant. ‘Wrap it’ have an amazing array of gift bags in all sizes, from cute and tiny to ‘oh my goodness, what’s in there?’ huge.

Gift Bag Range for Every Look and Occasion

Make a bold statement with a bag in a bright colour, the range covers the rainbow and more. Or go for a trendy, patterned gift bag to delight the receiver. Metallics never lose their shine and impart a sophisticated air to your gift packaging. And one of the coolest looks ever? Kraft gift bags in rustic hues for an earthy, eco-friendly gifting vibe.

Paper Candy Bags

It’s not just gifts that look best in a bag, what about a gorgeous bag of candy to surprise and delight kids and adults alike? Paper candy bags are super cost-effective and come in various sizes and loads of pretty colours and patterns. Perfect for kid’s party favours or just a little treat to brighten the day of someone special. 

Be Prepared with Gift Bags

With gift bags and candy bags being so pretty, and quick and effective, it’s worth buying a selection and having a stash at home. That way you can be that thoughtful person who always cares and has the perfect pick-me-up, thank-you or birthday gift ready.

Get Creative with Gift Packaging

Choosing cool gift bags is a chance to unleash your creativity, by adding some extra pizzazz with coloured tissue paper – contrasting or matching? Or some raffia, ribbon or cool embellishments to create gift wrapping that is a work of art by itself, you almost don’t want to open the gift, just the bag looks so lovely.

Gift Bags for Corporate Events

Ever been tasked with the job of getting together gifts for corporate events? Welcome gifts, room drops, table gifts or end or year or Christmas celebrations? Or maybe it’s a wedding party that you want to get gifts ready for? If so, lucky you, it’s so much fun. And you always want to do the best you can within your budget. Who doesn’t want to hear oohs and ahs of delight when your carefully thought-out and presented gifts are revealed?

We all know the packaging is half the pleasure, so you need to consider your theme, colours, audience and what the gift is. If your audience is both male and female, then go for something classic and stylish that isn’t too masculine or feminine, more neutral. If you have the luxury of doing different gifts for each person, you can take into account gender, interests, age or other aspects that will influence what type of look you create for the happy guests.

Personalisation is always appreciated. Consider how you could personalise gifts for your event – by using specific materials, colours and embellishments. It is one of the best ways to make someone feel truly special. Why not create a special theme? Such as ‘coffee’, and create a gift bag that uses browns and creams, with coffee beans and a personalised mug? There is so much you can do when it comes to gifting and packaging.

Gift Bags and Candy Bags for Kid’s Parties

Another group of very special people that you might want to create gorgeous gift bags for – and they can be quite demanding, is kids. When it’s their special day, you want to make it as memorable and delightful as possible. Use the party theme to guide your gifting and packaging. Whether you are giving sweets (or maybe they have had enough already) or another gift as a kid’s party favour, how it’s packaged is definitely more than half the fun. From pirates to mermaids, unicorns to dragons, your party theme will guide you in choosing gift bags, paper bags, boxes and embellishments and details.

End of Year Party Gifts

Of course, the end of each year is definitely the party part of the year, with Halloween, Christmas and New Year all tightly packed into a short space of time. Another chance to get creative with your packaging. 

Halloween? Always fun to get spooky and dark – black and orange or maybe some blood reds?

Christmas parties? Excellent – do you go gorgeously traditional with red, green and tinsel or create a modern Christmas look that’s minimalistic and trendy? Perhaps white and silver? 

New Years parties are traditionally glitzy and glamorous, so a chance to break out the gold, silver and stylish metallics? Or maybe some sophisticated, more muted colours and contrast to convey an air of elegance?

It’s not just the end of the year that gives us a chance to get creative with party favours and décor. What about special milestone birthdays, like 21sts and 50th’s? A chance to create a gifting look that really celebrates the birthday boy or girl’s style and interests.

‘Wrap It’ Ultimate Gift Packaging Showroom

Now that your creative juices are flowing and you are itching to get your hands on your favourite gift bags, paper bags and gifting embellishments, you’ll need to visit the Wrap It Showroom in Dunkeld, Johannesburg, or hop onto the site to view the massive range. 

You can find loads of gift bags and paper bags to make your vision a reality, and on budget. In addition to the latest trends, there is an eye-popping and awe-inspiring selection that includes every hue you could imagine, gorgeous textures, sheeny metallics, the latest designs and craft supplies that help you bring your brilliant ideas into reality. All under one roof, no need to go from shop to shop, you’ll find everything you need in the sizes, colours, textures and quantities that you need them. Have fun!


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