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Ribbon for every occasion

Visit the Wrap It showroom for a great variety of gift-wrapping ideas. Remember to finish your gift wrapping with ribbons. The ribbon is a distinguished way to decorate any wrapped gift. Bold colours and rich textures can turn a basic package into a show-stopping present. We carry a variety of ribbons such as organza, satin, velvet, petersham, poly, lace, linen, string and rope. If you come in and browse you will be spoilt for choice. Ribbons open up many possibilities for gift wrapping, event decoration and home decor.



Are you a wedding planner who needs to cross off items on the wedding checklist? Then visit Wrap It. We have a variety of styles and sizes of ribbon that are great for wedding bouquets, wedding cakes, wedding invitations, wedding floral arrangements, and more. We can easily meet all your ribbon requirements. Do you prefer a more classic design with satin that brides consistently love? Or do you prefer a rustic look with satin and burlap paired together or a vintage look with lace? Come to Wrap It to get new ideas. There is no end to the possibilities that our ribbon collection offers because of the variety of patterns, colours, materials and sizes. Knot, wrap, pleat or drape the ribbons as you please. Use lace and grosgrain ribbons to add texture or try satin ribbon for a smooth shiny look. Here are brilliant ideas for using ribbons for weddings.


Birthday parties:

Show off the guest of honour, the birthday boy or girl, with one of Wrap It’s fabulous ribbons! These party ribbons can be attached to presents, cards, or the guest of honour. Mix and match a variety of colours, textures and designs to decorate the birthday venue. And, of course, balloons never go out of fashion so use ribbons from our collection for those timeless balloons! If you cannot find the ribbons that you like in our showroom, you can order a custom ribbon.


Mother’s Day and Father’s Day:

are around the corner. How do you plan to present your gifts? Get your packaging from Wrap It. Make your parents feel special by adding beautiful ribbons to their gifts. For a beautiful floral arrangement check out our satin ribbons that are available in a wide selection of sizes and colours. Check out these ideas for Mother’s Day gift wrapping.



Are you planning to decorate your house for Easter or are you responsible for decorating your church for Easter? You can make a “Happy Easter” wreath with three or 4 different sizes and designs of ribbons, a Happy Easter sign and other materials that you can get at the nearest craft shop. Decorate an Easter tree with any pastel ribbons that you like. How about decorating your Easter lunch/dinner table with pastel ribbons on a white table cloth? Children can put on their crafty hats and help to dress up the party by making a multi-coloured ribbon garland to hang on the mantel. It will look like an old-fashioned paper chain. The bright colours will nicely stand out against an arrangement of imaginative white ceramics. Here are a few Easter craft ideas that you can put to use.


Custom Printed Ribbons

Wrap It is the home of endless possibilities. We want to help make your event or special occasion stand out. Therefore, if you browse our warehouse and you cannot find ribbons that satisfy your needs, you can request custom printed ribbons. Personalized ribbons are perfect additions to weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties, gift wrapping, anniversaries and so much more.


Corporates do not be left behind. Promote and advertise your company with your own custom ribbon that bears your logo. It is great for special events, a company party, retail packaging, branding and for a giveaway at a trade show. Select your favourite ribbon size, style and colour and then tell us what you want to print on it. Our designers will make your idea come to life! Look at these custom printed ribbon ideas.



Wrap It offers more than ribbons. We offer the packaging as well for your gifts, irrespective of what the occasion is. We have a variety of plain and patterned gift bags of many colours and sizes. We also have gift boxes in many shapes, sizes and colours. If you do not like what is in our warehouse you can even ask for custom-made boxes. No request is too difficult for us to fulfill.



Decorating with Ribbons:

Did you know that you can use ribbons to decorate any room in your house? It’s easy! Look at any home magazine to see what trims they use for their pillows, lampshades, cushions and curtains. Then come and browse the Wrap It warehouse to find similar looks from our ribbon collections, particularly the velvet and other thicker materials. Then go and enhance your home decor with the ribbons! Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


For special occasions, the gift and the setting can all benefit from ribbons available at Wrap It. Look at these simple ways of decorating with ribbons that you can copy. Everyone will love your unique ideas.


Check out the Halbach collection

Every year, Halbach offers a carefully selected range of decorative products, that reflect the influence of trends, seasons and occasions. The Halbach team of designers selects the best material for each item. They use special ribbon-weaving machines to produce a range of different ribbons, with different yarns and processes to come up with an almost endless variety of ribbons. Halbach offers an extensive selection of woven, patterned, printed ribbons. If you are not into woven patterns, Halbach also makes ribbons with printed decorations such as dots, stars, hearts, floral designs, ornament or prints in trendy woven check or knitted look. Some ribbons have up to 6 different colours in their design.


What are you looking for? Super narrow ribbons or extra wide ribbons, or something in between? Do you prefer delicate or wire-edged? Do you like single colours or to you prefer patterned? It’s all there in the Halbach range in the Wrap It showroom. If you are passionate about gift wrapping, the Halbach range has more than enough variety for you to choose from. In case you are worried about your planned outdoor event, many Halbach ribbons are weatherproof and light-fast, so they are suitable for unlimited outdoor use.


Endless Possibilities

Wrap It is the home of endless possibilities when it comes to gift wrapping and event decoration. We have a large range of ribbons and everything that you need to make your home beautiful, your gift to stand out and any occasion genuinely memorable.


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