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Tissue Paper for Your Creative Gift-wrapping Ideas

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Tissue Paper for Your Creative Gift-wrapping Ideas

Wrap it is the ultimate gift packaging shop in Johannesburg. We have everything that you need to beautifully present your gifts. Wrapping gifts is the traditional way of presenting gifts but it can also be time consuming, so many people are choosing gift bags, tissue paper, organza bags and are also getting creative with other gift wrapping ideas. Wrap it carries many colours and varieties of tissue paper for every need and occasion. It is sold in individual sheets as well as in packs which can be more economical. We have many gorgeous shades and an extensive variety of patterns. Choose from white, plain colours, metallics, printed designs, and our new designer prints (the protea print, the rose gold leopard print, which is just so stunning and elegant, and many more). How about custom printed paper for your brand or special event? You can have your logo or special design printed onto the paper. There is just so much you can do with this versatile paper, visit our showroom and start exploring our amazing range.

Gift Wrapping with Tissue Paper – The Possibilities are Endless!

There are many gift wrapping ideas that use tissue paper. Explore the many tissue paper options in our store and get creative by mixing and matching. Use a beautiful sheet of tissue paper to make your gift elegant and unique. Using gift bags and tissue paper makes gift-giving fun and colourful, but it can be difficult to put it inside without tearing or wrinkling it. Here are ideas that you can follow to reduce tearing and wrinkling. Work on a flat surface and handle tissue paper carefully to prevent wrinkles and tears.

Wrapping Items in Tissue Paper

You can wrap items in tissue paper before placing them into the gift bag. You need the gift bag, several sheets of white tissue paper to wrap the gift, several sheets of coloured printed tissue paper to line the bag, embellishments, the card and gift tag.

  1. Wrap the gift loosely in white tissue paper so that it is not seen once it is inside the bag. Use several sheets of tissue paper or newspaper or bubble wrap inside the white tissue paper if the gift is fragile. Sometimes there is no need to tape the packet.
  2. Place 3 or 4 sheets or more of coloured or printed tissue paper on a flat surface, alternating colours and overlapping each of them several centimetres. If the gift is small use half sheets.
  3. Place the wrapped gift in the centre of the layered sheets of coloured tissue paper. This will make the tissue paper look evenly distributed as it sits in the gift bag. If the gift is a long shape, place it on the diagonal.
  4. Now take the opposite corners of the tissue paper and bring them over the gift. Loosely crunch the paper directly above the gift and leave the rest of it as wrinkle-free as possible. Be gentle to avoid tearing the paper.
  5. Gently lift the gift from the bottom and place it in the gift bag. Never lift the gift by the tissue paper edges as that may tear it because of the weight. Gently arrange the edges of the tissue paper around the top of the bag until you are satisfied with the look. Do not overwork the paper otherwise it will wrinkle.
  6. Add more coloured or printed tissue paper if you want to add more pop and colour to your gift. Lay out a sheet of tissue paper and smooth it. Hold it in the centre with your thumb and forefinger and lift it. Flick your wrist and use the other hand to straighten out the tissue paper. Place it on top of the gift in the gift bag.
  7. Place your card in the bag or tape it outside the bag. Then place your gift tag on the front of the bag or on the handle. Here are pictorial steps that you can follow.

Tissue Paper as Elegant Filler in a Carrier Bag or Gift Box

You can place the gift directly into the bag without wrapping it. You need the gift, a gift bag, a card, a gift tag and several sheets of coloured or printed tissue paper that complement the colour of the gift bag. 

  1. Open each sheet of tissue paper completely. Hold it at the centre using your thumb and forefinger, flick it and use the other hand to straighten up the paper.
  2. Place the tissue paper into the bag, lining the bottom and sides of the gift bag. 
  3. Arrange the sheet so that it extends out the top.
  4. Follow steps 1 to 3 for the other sheets of paper, one at a time, placing them at different angles so that the various corners do not overlap. When you are done, arrange the parts of the tissue paper coming out of the bag to make sure they look neat. The result will be a look of alternating colours coming out of the top of the bag. 
  5. Carefully place the gift(s) into the bag. If your gift bag is transparent, you should not see the items inside.
  6. Bunch one or two sheets of tissue paper loosely and neatly place them in the bag over the gift. 
  7. Inspect the package. The tissue paper should not look wrinkled or torn or untidy. If necessary, arrange the tissue paper to make sure no part of the gift is visible from the top.
  8. Add your card and embellishments. The card can be placed inside or taped outside the bag. You can also add ribbons and a gift tag with the name of the recipient(s) on it.

You can watch how this is done here.

Tissue Paper Embellishments

Have you ever used tissue paper for your creative DIY projects? If you cannot find an embellishment that you like in the Wrap it showroom, here is a chance to get creative! You can make your own embellishments using the exciting coloured tissue paper in our store. For example, you can make a bow, pom poms or flowers to stick to the gift bag and to use as part of the decoration for an event. 

Wrap it is the ultimate gift packaging shop. If you are looking for gift wrapping ideas, pay us a visit at our showroom at Dunkeld West Shopping Centre in Johannesburg.


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