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Valentine’s Day Ideas that Will be Remembered!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you may be saying to yourself, “What am I going to do this Valentine’s Day.” You are not alone. On Valentine’s Day, the last thing you want to do is get stuck in a DSTV and takeaway rut. Worse still, you don’t want to end up at a cheesy, overpriced, and definitely unoriginal prix-fixe dinner. Like many other romantics you want to create a memorable time with great Valentine’s Day ideas. From table settings to unique gifts to great events to unique gift packaging and gift wrapping, there are many ways to make the day memorable.

1. Buy a beautiful gift

Buy something that your partner can use and enjoy for a long time and always remember Valentine’s Day 2019. For example, a beautiful gold watch, a spa kit with candles, lotions and soaps, a potted plant, a nice wallet, jewellery, etc. will always evoke a beautiful memory of Valentine’s Day 2019.

Remember image is everything. Avoid the usual gift wrapping that shows no creativity. You want the best, beautiful innovative packaging and wrapping. Visit the Wrap It website for the most beautiful and unique gift boxes, carrier bags, tissue paper, gift wrapping, and a wide variety of ribbons. Better still, visit our store in Dunkeld, Johannesburg.

We even have PVC containers for special gifts! There is every gift packaging and gift wrapping idea for every taste at Wrap it. Experiment with a number of looks from a variety of colours available in our store. Create a beautiful surprise with custom-printed ribbons. There is no right or wrong this Valentine’s Day. There is only love and romance. And Wrap It can help you to create a beautiful memory!

2. Create a unique personalised gift

Maybe you have been together for a long time and you have run out of ideas. Be creative! There are many DIY gifts that you can make yourself for your special someone. Imagine a bottle of his/her favorite hot sauce with a new label that says “His/her Name, my Valentine Hot Stuff.” Look at these creative ideas! If you are going to give her flowers you can create and print a flower wrap with her name and a beautiful message. Speaking of flowers, why not use your crafty talent to make them from the variety of tissue paper available? Look at these examples for inspiration. There is no limit to what you can do for your romantic evening! You get the drift?

Your gift is not complete without the beautiful wrapping and packaging from Wrap It. We have gift boxes in different shapes, sizes and colours. We even have wire-handle boxes for easy carrying. If you do not like what we have in our range you can order a custom-made box. Finish the box of your choice with a ribbon that you can choose from our wide range. We have organza ribbons, satin ribbons, velvet ribbons, lace ribbons, linen ribbons, poly ribbons and many other types. Actually, you can be very creative with ribbons in your Valentine’s Day decoration. Lace is a great option for that romantic and sophisticated look. Classy and beautiful. Look at these lace ribbon ideas that you can adopt.

If you prefer gift bags, we have plane carrier bags, patterned carrier bags, organza bags, candy bags, and natural bags. You can complete them with tissue paper that comes with a range of both plane colours and printed designs. Spruce up plain white and brown craft carriers with a little arts and crafts, show that special someone you added a special touch. Here are some creative ideas.

We also have embellishments that add a touch of glamour to your gift. There is every packaging idea for everyone at Wrap It!

3. Plan to hit the town!

If you have no indoors plan this Valentine’s Day, do not worry! There are many Valentine’s Day ideas that you can explore. For example, if you live in Johannesburg, you can join the Story Party Joburg, Valentine’s Day Couples Paint Event, or you can serenade your lover by attending the Evening of Love where real music artists will perform. If you are single, do not despair. There is Musical Speed Dating and V is for Valentine’s Singles Party. You just might meet your Valentine at a singles event. Actually, there are many events planned this year. Plan to attend one of them. The same applies if you live in Cape Town or Durban or other cities. These events are popular so book in advance.

4. For the Two of You: Decorate Your Bedroom

Whatever you plan to do on Valentine’s Day, you will end up in bed later in the evening. Transform your bedroom from ordinary to romantic. There are a number of Valentine’s Day ideas for decoration. For example, decorate the bed with heart balloons. Or, on the wall above the headboard create a huge heart shape with red sticky notes, each one with affirmations of your love. Everyone wants to know they are special to someone. Everyone wants to be loved “from here to the moon and back,” so be creative with your affirmations. You may end up with 30-35 affirmations! Who’s counting?

You can even create and decorate a Valentine’s Day tree! On it you can hang lights, cards with messages, hearts, small gift boxes, chocolate, etc.

Don’t wait too long! Our packaging is flying off very fast and you don’t want to lose out. Visit the Wrap It showroom today! You will be inspired to create something special with our range and make your Valentine’s Day extra memorable!

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