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Sep 19, 2019
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Wrap It’s Top 7 Christmas Gift Packaging Trends for 2019

Christmas gift packaging

The festive season is upon us, and it has to be our favourite time of year. There is so much joy and happiness in the air, people coming together to celebrate, make memories and exchange gifts. This year we would like to challenge you to think outside of the box and add a little something extra to your Christmas gift packaging.  We are here to help inspire and excite you. Let your creative juices flow by following our seven unique, fun and inspiring gift-wrapping trends for 2019.

Mix and match

The great thing about gift wrapping, especially Christmas gift packaging, is that you can get creative with colours, textures and patterns. The festive season is all about celebration, so why not express your joy with colour. Pair polka dot wrapping paper with striped ribbon. Create a fun contrast by using a brown hessian natural gift bags with a white lace ribbon and a thinner red satin ribbon to add a pop of colour. If you are a little pressed for time pair a plain gift bag with a fun patterned tissue paper. The options and combinations are endless, allowing you to change things up for every gift.


Christmas gift packaging

Get crafty

This one is for the moms! We know that Christmas time sometimes gets tough with the kids being on holiday and you trying to get everything wrapped and ready. So why not enlist a little bit of help from your little ones. Start a new gift decorating tradition with them. Not only is it fun and special, but it will help you keep them entertained. There are so many fun, and different Christmas themed gift-wrapping crafts for you to enjoy with them. Our favourites include these cute Rudolf the Reindeer gift bags, and these fantastic paper straw stars and Christmas tree decorations. If you want to get into the kids’ good books, we highly recommend adding a sweet treat, like an M&M bow into the mix as a fun little add on to the gift.


Christmas gift packaging

Bag it

You might have the best intentions for gift wrapping, but the truth is, sometimes you just run out of time. Luckily gift bags are here to save the day! With so many different patterns and designs available and fun printed tissue paper to go with it, gift bags are perfect for adding lots of festive flair with little effort.

Go natural

Possibly one of the biggest trends of 2019 has to be the move towards natural wrapping and embellishments. But what do we mean by natural wrapping? This is a move towards the use of brown paper, hessian bags, raffia and twine. We love this trend because the brown of the natural paper or hessian bags really lends itself as a background for some creativity and fun as well as a pop of colour. When looking for a pop of colour, look a little closer to home. Use pine needles, or tree leaves from your garden to create the perfect mini Christmas tree. If you have any holly or pinecones, use them to add a touch of Christmas magic to your gifts. Get a little crafty with twine by using different coloured twine to create beautiful personalized patterns on your presents.


Ribbon it up

Are you struggling to find some Christmas wrapping inspiration? All we can say is ribbon it up. Nothing finishes off a present better than ribbon. It adds that little something extra to your gift. You can keep it simple, use one ribbon and tie a beautiful bow, step out of the box and try the diagonal ribbon tie or even try out these woven ribbon techniques. If you are like us and love ribbon, why not create your own personalized ribbon, have a Christmas greeting and your name printed on it. Ribbon it up and make your gift pop.

Tag it

Make your gift personal and tag it. Nothing makes a person feel more special than seeing their name and a short message filled with Christmas wishes. Personalise your tags by making your own, using buttons beads, ribbon, string, paper and hessian. If you don’t have time to make your own tags, buy them and add in an extra little embellishment, like a Christmas tree ball to make your gift pop.


There are no rules

This is possibly our favourite trend, there are no rules when it comes to wrapping your gifts. Get creative, make it personal and do what you feel. Use different colours, who says that you need to stick to the traditional green, red and white. Try different textures, mix patterns, get crafty, keep the person you are wrapping for in mind and bring their personality to life with your decorations and colour choices. Most of all have fun and enjoy being creative.


If you are inspired and are looking for all your Christmas gift packaging essentials come down to our new showroom today. We have everything to help make your Christmas wrapping dreams come true.  


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